EGroup Canada – Providing Total Furniture Solutions

We are an Alberta-owned company offering total furniture services to a wide variety of clients across Western Canada.

EGroup is a premiere supplier of hotel, restaurant and office reception furniture throughout Calgary and Western Canada. We sell hand-crafted dining chairs, stools, ottomans, sofas and loveseats custom made to your specifications or from existing designs. The majority of our products are made in Alberta and are built to last, and can be used for commercial and residential use. Take a look at our gallery of furniture for sale.

Furniture Rentals and Decor in Calgary, Alberta, and Western Canada

We offer total event services and décor rentals. Our speciality is in cocktail and lounge for any event, from corporate galas and conferences, to private parties and weddings. Party for 50? Gala for 5000? No problem, we’ve got it. Browse through our photo galleries of event rental furniture and décor. We’re based in Calgary, and handle setup of events across Alberta, and Western Canada.

Furniture Repairs in Calgary and surrounding areas

We have a full service repair shop in Calgary, specializing in restoring restaurant and serving industry furniture. Learn more about our furniture repair service.

Home Renovations

Are you looking for new kitchen cabinets for a new home that you are building? Or are you doing a new kitchen renovation to update your current existing kitchen? Then you likely will want to consider Calgary Custom Kitchen Renovations. Talk to the cabinet experts to get some great design tips to help make your kitchen as functional as it can be, so that it will be easy to use and will accommodate your family’s needs well.

It is to be noted that shelves that roll out are much more convenient than traditional shelves that are fixes in place; for when you have shelves that roll out, you can see your items much easier and access the exact item that you need instead of having to take everything out of the cabinet to reach the thing at the back that you are looking for.

Another thing to take into consideration is the close proximity of the other rooms that can be seen through the kitchen. This is mentioned to help to make sure that the final design solution does indeed incorporate the styles of the other rooms to make things coherent for a better overall look for your new kitchen and the home in general.

When you are getting new cabinets, you must also consider lighting. You lighting should go well with your new cabinets and should provide you with good clear visibility for all the functions that you will be doing in your new kitchen. The experts can make suggestions about good lighting choices also.

When it is time to get a new kitchen or to renovate your existing kitchen, it is a great idea to have a notepad to make a top ten list, which includes the top ten things that must be done or that you must have. This is a non negotiable list. Set your budget to accommodate this list and stick to it. Do not compromise. Do not change anything on it or you will not be happy with the end result. Discuss this list with those who will be building your Calgary custom kitchen renovations.

Then you can also have another list with items you would like to have, but that you are willing to do without for now if they will not fit into your budget. You can have the professionals add them later over time if money is an issue right now.

Look in magazines to get ideas of what you like. Visit show rooms. Draw a picture of what you think you would like your kitchen to be like. Do at least a general layout to give the custom kitchen renovators an idea. Think of where you want your dishwasher, your sink and your refrigerator. They should be comfortably close enough together for you to work well in your kitchen. Your designer needs to know this information in order to place the custom kitchen cabinets accordingly. You will need to decide on the style and color of the cabinets, the types of handles on the cabinets and even the type of countertop that you want. The end result will be a beautiful new kitchen that will bring you joy, comfort and much functionality.